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Twenty-seven years of experience as a state investigator, conducting a wide array of civil, human resource and criminal investigations.


"I have known and worked with Ken Wilson in my roles as Secretary of the Senate and as Counsel of the Legislative Ethics Board and would not hesitate to recommend him as a thorough and professional investigator. In each instance he delivered a superior product."

~ Michael O'Connell, Counsel to Washington State Legislative Ethics Board (2004)

Fraud investigations go beyond a violation of a rule or policy. They include the potential for civil and criminal liability.


Although misconduct may also involve fraud or criminal conduct, it is distinguished here to include violations of state or federal policies or laws. These types of investigations may include:

  • HARASSMENT, HOSTILE WORKPLACE, DISCRIMINATION, ETC. -- These investigations require a sensitivity to the emotional strains caused by the alleged incident, or by the allegations. They require prompt, professional and unbiased investigations. The personal, professional and economic well-being of the involved parties are taken into consideration at all times.

  • ETHICAL MISCONDUCT INVESTIGATIONS -- Ken Wilson has performed investigations of alleged ethical misconduct against employees and elected officials in all three branches of state government.


Reasonably priced video and instructor led training programs are available to meet most needs of an agency.

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