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Cost effective, professional services available to legal counsel in the following areas:


Whenever you need an expert witness to educate a jury regarding a complex topic or to refute questionable evidence offered by opposing counsel, Ken Wilson provides experience and credentials in:

  • DRUG CASES -- Drug cases are an economic crime and often require an expert to testify as to the flow of money or the lack of financial evidence in order for a jury to understand the complexities of these types of cases.
  • LIQUOR LIABILITY CASES -- Provides expert testimony about the signs of intoxication and expert opinion whether a patron of a licensed establishment exhibited "apparent" or "obvious" signs of intoxication and testimony to educate a jury about the training provided to beverage servers in Washington State. Ken has been retained in several wrongful death and personal injury cases.
  • COMPLEX FRAUD CASES -- Hands-on assistance in "following the money" in all types of economic and white-collar crimes and provides expert testimony explaining to the jury what happened to the money.
  • MONEY LAUNDERING CASES -- Having taught nationally on this topic and investigated numerous cases of money laundering in Washington State, Ken offers all types of assistance in the most complex of cases and expert explanations of evidence to a jury.
  • CRIMINAL PROFITEERING CASES -- Ken was the first and only criminal profiteering investigator for the Office of the Attorney General and handled numerous high profile investigations in Washington State. He has testified as an expert in several cases.


"Ken Wilson is an extremely detail oriented, professional investigator with whom I had the pleasure, as Counsel for the Washington State Commission on Judicial Conduct, to work closely on three judicial ethics investigations and that resulted in the removal from office or resignation of the judge. I would highly recommend Ken for any complex case requiring integrity, diplomacy and a keen aptitude."

~ Paul R. Taylor, Attorney at Law, Byrnes & Keller (2004)

Not all law firms have the time, resources or expertise to handle all aspects of a complex case. Ken Wilson offers the expertise to assist in the following areas which will allow you to devote your time and resources to what you do best:

  • "BATES" NUMBERING OF DOCUMENTS -- Ken has the ability to construct customized "Bates" labels for your documents.
  • COMPLEX CASE ANALYSIS -- Including computerizing all financial and non-financial documents which allows for easy sorting and retrieval, as well as multiple approaches to critical information analysis.
  • "DATA MINING" OF DOCUMENTS -- Every document is a gold mine of information. Ken will extract all relevant information from a document, putting it into a format making it easily retrievable. His analysis of critical information will provide you with all the ammunition you need for court.
  • PREPARATION OF SUMMARY CHARTS AND EXHIBITS -- In order for a jury to understand the complexities of economic crime cases, summary charts and exhibits are often required. Whether you need an Association Chart of persons, a Financial Summary Chart showing the flow of money or a Chronological Chart linking dates, people and/or events, a jury will thank you for making a complex case easier for them to understand.


Sometimes it is helpful to have an experienced investigator available with whom to "brain-storm" the facts of a case.

  • WASHINGTON STATE CRIMINAL PRFITEERING ACT -- (RCW 9A.82). This is not the easiest statute to understand. Ken has worked with the intricacies of this statute almost since it was enacted.
  • WASHINGTON STATE MONEY LAUNDERING ACT -- (RCW 9A.83) Ken investigated his first case using this statute before it was codified by the code reviser.
  • COMPLEX FINANCIAL CRIMES -- Ken has instructed law enforcement, assistant attorneys general and prosecuting attorneys on techniques of complex economic crime investigations.
  • COMMERCIAL LIQUOR ESTABLISHMENTS -- Ken has fifteen years of experience as a Liquor Enforcement Officer and has received the same training provided to liquor beverage servers by trainers certified by the Washington State Liquor Control Board.


"Mr. Wilson's financial summaries were essential to this complex case. After the verdict, the jury told us that two summary exhibits he had prepared were very helpful to their understanding."

~ Lynn S. Prunhuber, Sr. Deputy Prosecutor, King County Prosecutors Office (1995)

  • WITNESS LOCATING -- Some persons do not want to be found and others are hiding in plain view. Ken has the experience and resources to help you locate most anyone.
  • ASSET LOCATING -- Ken will help you decide if your case is worth pursuing and if there will be assets available to cover a court ordered judgment in the event you prevail. He will assess the net worth of a person before you commence your legal action and will assist you in locating assets after a judgment is entered.
  • WITNESS INTERVIEWING -- It is always nice to know what information a person has to offer before you go through the effort of taking their deposition. Ken has the experience and ability to interview persons from all walks of life.
  • FORENSIC FINANCIAL DOCUMENT ANALYSIS -- Ken Wilson has access to various qualified experts in document and handwriting analysis, as well as other qualified experts. He will also offer a non-expert opinion based on his years of experience to assist you in deciding whether a qualified expert is necessary.

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