About Kenneth J. Wilson, CFE

Ken Wilson, CFEKen Wilson has thirty-six years experience as a white-collar crime and ethics investigator for the State of Washington and in private practice. He finished his state career as a judicial ethics investigator for the Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Previously, Ken worked for nine years as the Coordinator of Criminal Profiteering Investigations for the Washington State Office of Attorney General utilizing the criminal profiteering statute to identify and forfeit the property and proceeds of drug traffickers and other white-collar criminals. Ken began his state investigative career as a commissioned Liquor Enforcement Officer for the Liquor Control Board and spent a total of fifteen years with the Liquor Control Board, with his last ten years as the Coordinator of Special Investigations.

"I can say without reservation that Ken Wilson would perform admirably as an experienced investigator upon any number of tasks anywhere in the state. He demonstrated a work ethic found only in the finest, most dedicated people."

~ David Akana, Executive Director, Washington State Commission on Judicial Conduct (2001)

Ken instructed at the State Criminal Justice Training Center for many years, and has lectured at various Washington State and national RICO conferences across the country. He is a former member of the Economic Crime Task Force and the Washington Law Enforcement Executive Forum and is a member of the National Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Ken has an Associate Degree in Police Science and a Bachelors Degree in Sociology. Since retirement from state service, Ken has owned and operated Wilson Investigative Services, which specializes in fraud, white-collar crime, ethical misconduct and workplace misconduct investigations and consulting. Ken is also a recognized expert witness in fraud and white-collar crime.

Among the more significant investigations Ken has been involved in was an investigation to determine the source of funding to establish a chain of convenience stores called "Go N Joy." The investigation traced $8.6 million dollars provided by a hidden financier, which were laundered through various corporations in an attempt to disguise the original source of the money. Other cases involved the investigation of competing organized crime families who were attempting to obtain control of various businesses in Washington State.

More recently, Ken has testified as an expert witness in a cocaine RICO case, a theft of public resources RICO case, and an asset forfeiture case. In addition, Ken has conducted investigations of money laundering, abuse of state office, insider trading, embezzlement and conflict of interest cases. Ken has also conducted investigations into allegations of unethical conduct and harassment by elected officers and employees of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of state government.

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